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H0116 – Werda

2021-04-21T10:42:42+02:00November 7th, 2017|Farms, Technical Information, Werda, Worcester Region|

Farm information Werda.Pic Audits GG 2020 C0547639 Validity extension Global Gap sertifikaat 2021 TN 2020 C0547639 Validity extension Werda Bellevue Globalgap report 2021 Ethical & Haccp Werda Siza Sertifikaat 2020 Residue 101691_1_H0116 IFG6 full analysis 2009209414 H0116 IFG10 full analysis 2009210429 H0116 IFG6 Ethephon only 2009213592 H0116 CSS full analysis Spray records 2021_H0116 SPray records [...]

A7178 – Onderplaas

2019-02-07T10:35:51+02:00November 7th, 2017|Farms, Onderplaas, Technical Information, Vioolsdrif|

Farm information Onderplaas PIC Audits CH Sutherland - Onderplaas Boerdery AU_20181212_2167133_C0431228_20190109080125 CH Sutherland - Onderplaas Boerdery CertificationIssueReport CH Sutherland - Onderplaas Boerdery TN11 2018 027.3204 NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Issue Letter   Ethical & Haccp   Residue 2328161739 A7178 FMS Full analysis 2328161963 A7178 FMS ethephon extra Spray records A7178 FMS (Onderplaas Bdy) 2018 Spray [...]

Q0035 – Platkloof

2021-04-28T14:28:19+02:00November 7th, 2017|Farms, Piketberg Region, Platkloof, Technical Information|

Farm information Platkloof Pic Audits: GGAP & TNC Platklook Globalgap 2020 Ethical  Platkloof SIZA 2019-2021 EVT-ZA-LBL-157857 _ERSA Report_ Platkloof Boerdery (Pty) Ltd _February 23, 2021 Other audits Supplier Evaluation Report - Platkloof Residue 2021-01-05-071Q0035 TAW full analysis 2021-02-09-037_01 Q0035 IFG3 full analysis 2021-02-09-037_02 Q0035 SGT full analysis 2021-02-09-041 Q0035 IVO full analysis 99745_1_Q0035 IFG3 full [...]

A0039 – Steynmond

2021-04-28T14:29:43+02:00November 7th, 2017|Farms, Orange River Region, Steynmond, Technical Information|

Farm information Steynmond.Pic Audits FL3298063_rptLetterLicenseeCertificate NM Certificate Steynmond short. 875660-GAP-2020-46-pbosman - Steynmond _rptLicenseeCertificate_PRJ_875660 Ethical & Haccp ReportMainCAP Steynmond 2020 -2021 Steynmond Boerdery Onderneming Pty Ltd - Audit Completion Letter 2020-11-25 _Equivalency Report_ Steynmond Boerdery Onderneming Pty Ltd _November 26, 2020 Residue 1946205600 A0039 PSE full analysis 1946206213 A0039 TAW full analysis 1946206376 A0039 RAL full [...]

A7724 – LORABI

2021-04-21T08:59:17+02:00November 7th, 2016|Farms, Lorabi, Technical Information, Vioolsdrif|

Farm information A7724-pic Audits AU_20201124_2777791_C0422138_20201216080646 CertificationIssueReport - 2021-02-03T151953.421 GlobalGab extention 2020 NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter Ethical & Haccp LORABI86-audit-report-confirmation-2019-12-12 Residue Samples 2599205877 A7724 PSE full analysis 2599206140 A7724 ELS full analysis 2599207491 A7724 IFG6 full analysis 2599207882 A7724 TIM full analysis Spray records A7724 Spuitrekords Tafeldruiwe 2020

H2767 – Moddergat/Ouplaas

2021-04-28T08:30:37+02:00October 21st, 2016|Farms, Moddergat/Ouplaas, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Ouplaas.Pic Audits: GGAP & TNC GG. NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter Issue 4 07-02-2020 (9) Wilcon Trust AU_20200212_2499878_C0431671_20200304080317 Wilcon Trust CertificationIssueReport Wilcon Trust TN11 2020 027.3383 Ethical Wilcon-Trust-audit-report-confirmation-2019-11-12 (2) Other audits   Residue Samples 99486_1_H2767 CSS full analysis 103767_1_H2767 CSS full analysis 106149_1_H2767 CSS full analysis 264221381 H2767 CSS Ethephon only 2642209675 H2767 IFG17 [...]


2021-04-28T09:55:31+02:00August 1st, 2016|EXSA Audits, Technical Information|

IFS Broker Audit Report Exsa (Pty) Ltd IFS Broker Certificate Exsa (Pty) Ltd SOLAS EXSA (Pty) Ltd Shipper Certificate of Authorisation VGM   Analysis Lab Certificate Sanas Hershaw & Kinnes Hortec-sanas   Hexpak SKMBT_C45219020512461 Audits Partners: SCS Trawal Koelkamers_Security Report_1217 Trawal Koelkamers_Supplier Letter_1217  

A8064 – Rennies Farm

2021-04-21T09:05:00+02:00August 1st, 2016|Farms, Rennies Farm – A8064, Technical Information, Vioolsdrif|

Farm information A8064 -PIC Audits 027.02144 Rennie Farms (Pty) Ltd CertificationIssueReport AU_20201208_2719287_C0421472_20201229120228 NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter Issue Rennies GlobalG.A.P 23 Nov 2020 audit report TN11 2020 027.2144 Ethical & Haccp GRASP - GGN 1559 - A8064 - Valid to 21112021 Residue Samples 0869_206141 A8064 Arra 13 full analysis 0869_206686 A8064 IFG10 full analysis 0869203762 [...]

H2551 / H0523 – Ruimsig Bosplaas

2021-04-23T08:45:08+02:00August 1st, 2016|Farms, Hex River Region, Ruimsig, Technical Information|

Farm information H2551-pic Audits: GGAP & TNC CertificationIssueReport NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter TN11 2020 027.2982 Audits: Field to Fork   Ethical  SIZA CERTIFICATE S.-Jordaan-Boerdery-audit-report-confirmation-2019-10-15 SIZA S.-Jordaan-Boerdery-audit-report-2019-10-15 (2) Other audits   Residue Samples 96756_1_H0523 TAW full analysis 97883_1_H0523 ATR full analysis 97896_1_H0523 THS full analysis 98060_1_H0523 TAW full analysis 98450_1_H0523 TAW full analysis 98450_2_H0523 TAW [...]

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