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U0172 – Frontier Grapes

2020-01-27T13:19:06+02:00October 7th, 2019|Frontier Grapes, Namibia, Technical Information|

Farm information   Audits Frontier Grapes (Pty) Ltd_2019_GlobalG.A.P. - Audit Report Frontier Grapes (Pty)Ltd GlobalG.A.P. E-cert 2019-2020 Frontier Grapes (Pty)Ltd GRASP Proof of Assessment 2019-2020 Frontier Grapes (Pty)Ltd Nurture Module V11.2 E-cert 2019-2020 Ethical & Haccp SMETA audit 2018 - Report Frontier Grapes (Pty)Ltd GRASP Proof of Assessment 2019-2020   Other audits / HACCP Frontier [...]

Y1478 – Habata

2020-09-09T11:02:10+02:00December 13th, 2018|Farms, Habata, Robertson, Technical Information|

  Farm information   Audits Confirmation_ControlUnion_Habata_Nurture FL3066686_rptLicenseeCertificate_PRJ_836864 FL3066687_rptLetterLicenseeCertificate Habata AH certificate 2020 Habata GRASP assessment 2020 Habata NM certificate 2020 Ethical & Haccp Habata-Boerdery---Wes-Kaap-caps-report-2020-01-28 (1) SIZA-audit-completion-letter-1027090517011823 Residue Samples 75298_1_Y1478 IFG17 full analysis 77361_1_Y1478 Y1478 CSS full analysis 2916185782 Y1478 CSS full analysis 2916185782A Y1478 CSS full analysis 2916185782A-20041173 CSS full analysis 2916185782A-Y1478 CSS full analysis [...]

Y0366 – Cloverfield

2020-05-06T15:01:10+02:00December 13th, 2018|Cloverfield, Farms, Robertson, Technical Information|

  Farm information   Audits Cloverfield Nurture Module V11.2 E-cert 2020-2021 Cloverfield Wines (Pty)Ltd GlobalG.A.P. E-cert 2020-2021   Ethical & Haccp Cloverfield Siza Sertifikaat 20202022 Cloverfield-Wines-(PTY)-Ltd-caps-report-2020-01-30 Residue Samples 1769187955 Y0366 CSS full analysis 1769187956 Y0366 S35 full analysis 1769188556 Y0366 CSS full analysis Spray records Y0366 CSS S35 Scarlotta Spuitrekord 2020 2 Y0366 CSS S35 [...]

A7710 – Sharon Boerdery

2019-03-11T15:26:07+02:00December 13th, 2018|Sharon Boerdery|

  Farm information     Audits Sharon Boerdery Vennootskap AU_20181211_2165597_C0421625_20190108120322 NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Issue Letter Sharon Boerdery Vennootskap CertificationIssueReport Sharon Boerdery Vennootskap TN11 2019 027.3038 Ethical & HACCP Sharon Boerdery Siza Certificate Sharon Boerdery SCS Supplier Letter 1118 Sharon SCS Boerdery Report 1118   Residue Samples   18549050 A7710 TIM Full analysis 2136163242 A7710 [...]

H0198 – Kanetvlei

2020-09-09T11:03:18+02:00December 13th, 2018|Farms, Hex River Region, Kanetvlei, Technical Information|

Farm information   Audits AU_20200511_2548018_C0432115_20200604160321 CertificationIssueReport - 2020-06-08T093329.718 NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter Issue TN11 2020 027.2234 Ethical & Haccp Kanetvlei Siza Sertifikaat Residue Samples 2019-12-11-088 H0198 STL full analysis 2020-01-15-100_02 H0198 IFG17 full analysis 2020-01-15-115_03 H0198 Arra 15 full analysis AM65258_191212_1139 H0198 STL analysis 2020-02-05-091_01 H0198 CSS full analysis 2020-02-05-091_02 H0198 ALI full analysis [...]

H0326 – Rustig

2020-05-06T15:10:55+02:00March 1st, 2018|Hex River Region, Rustig|

Farm information H0326 PIC Audits CertificationIssueReport NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter TN11 2020 027.2707   Ethical & Haccp Rustig Boerdery SIZA SERTIFIKAAT 2019 Residue Samples 1804184136 H0326 STL full analysis 1804185009 H0326 Arra 13 full analysis 1804185809 H0326 JBS full analysis 76670_1_H0326 JBS full analysis 1804187806 H0326 CSS full analysis 78123_1_H0326 CSS full analysis 79705_1_H0326 CSS [...]

H2568 – Goede Hoop

2020-04-16T13:23:34+02:00March 1st, 2018|Goede Hoop|

Farm information H2568 PIC Audits GLOBALGAP cERTIFICATE 027.714 NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter 027.714 TN11 2020 027.714 Ethical & Haccp Goedehoop Siza Report 2020 Goedehoop Siza sertifikaat 20200214_Goedehoop Trust_NSF Africa (Pty) Ltd_Janie Swanepoel Residue Samples 2019-12-31-013 H2568 TAW full analysis AM64881 H2568 STL full analysis 020-01-15-034_01 H2568 IFG3 full analysis 2020-01-15-034_02 H2568 RGT full analysis [...]

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