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Our Grape Varieties


Thompson Seedless

Thompson is a green seedless cultivar. It has elongated berries, good bunch sizes with a fleshy, melting taste. These elongated sweet berries pack a punch of flavour.


Sugraone has bright green, elongated berries, and a subtle sweet muscat flavour with a distinctive crunch. The loose bunches; excellent eating quality and good shelf life have made this one of the world’s most popular cultivars.

Prime is an early white seedless grape. The bunches are well filled out and the berries are round medium sized, sweet neutral and crunchy.

Sundance is the latest white seedless grape available in South Africa, and is usually harvested from week 6-8. It has medium sized berries. The berries are firm and crunchy and have a good eating quality.

This early white seedless cultivar was formerly known as Regent seedless, and has attractive oval berries, with loose bunches and a good shelf life.


Crimson Seedless
Crimson Seedless is a mid to late season red seedless cultivar. Crimson has a sweet neutral juicy flavour and elongated berries that are light red in colour. Particularly impressive is the crisp, firm texture of the berries and the cultivar has exceptional shelf-life.

Ralli is a red/pink seedless cultivar. The grape has a bright and consistent pink colour with a round berry and soft, crisp skin. In a more advanced stage of ripening, the grape tends to have a slight muscat flavour, making it one of the best new eating quality grapes available.

Flame Seedless
Flame Seedless is sweet and red, with a large round berries, a distinctive mild sweet/tart flavour, crisp skin and firm juicy pulp.

Sunred Seedless
Sunred Seedless is a mid-season red seedless cultivar. It bears large bunches which are well filled, with good size oval shaped berries of a deep maroon-red colour. The berries are firm and crunchy. An excellent taste experience!

This is a late-season red seedless cultivar with uniform mid-to-large oval berries with an attractive red colour. The berries have a crisp, sweet juicy flavour and low acidity.

Sweet Celebration (IFG)
Sweet Celebration is mid-season, oval-shaped mid-late brilliant red seedless variety. The variety is easy to grow, highly productive and colours well with a great flavour.

Starlight is an early pink/red seedless grape. The bunches are well filled out and the berries are round medium sized, sweet neutral and crunchy. (Starlight is a pink mutation of Prime).


Autumn Royal
Autumn Royal is a midseason black seedless cultivar. The firm and generally seedless Autumn Royal berries are oval- shaped and about an inch long. Their black or purple-black skin has a whitish cast or bloom. Inside, the flesh is an attractive, translucent yellow-green. The berries are crunchy and eat very well.

Melody (PBR: Blagratwo)
This is a superb black seedless which ripens just before Autumn Royal. Full black colour is achieved naturally. Melody is highly productive and has large, fully flavoured berries and crisp texture.

Sugrasixteen (SABLE SEEDLESS®)
Sable seedless black grapes have a deep black colour with oval berries and a wonderfully firm, crunchy texture. Sable is distinct due to its unique exotic taste. This is described as an intense rich sweetness with distinct muscat overtones and tropical aroma.


Dauphine is a late white seeded cultivar that has large, oval berries, with compact bunches. It has firm crunchy berries with a sweet taste.


Red Globe
Red Globe is a large, succulent seeded red berry cultivar which form rather large bunches. The Red Globe cultivar has the largest round berries of all the red grapes. When they are ripe, they have a dark ruby red colour and are mildly sweet and flavourful.


La Rochelle
La Rochelle is a mid-season noble black seeded cultivar. It has large, crunchy berries that give a unique grape eating experience. Good keeping quality and outstanding shelf life!

Alphonse Lavallée
Alphonse Lavallée, or Ribier, as it is known in Spanish speaking countries, is also known as Gros Noir, or “Big Black”. It is the prince of seeded black grapes in the country. Alphonse Lavallée has crispy large black berries with an outstanding eating quality.

Barlinka is a late season seeded cultivar with medium sized oval berries. It has good berry colour and size and the variety normally has excellent shelf life. It has a sweet, crisp taste.

Dan Ben Hannah
This is an attractive black grape with medium sized round berries. It has loose bunches and it has a sweet neutral taste.