Prime is an early white seedless grape. The bunches are well filled out and it has oval berries and a good berry size of 18- 22mm. The berries have a thin skin and a muscat flavour when mature. This variety produces high yields.

IFG Ten (Sweet Globe®)

Sweet Globe Mid-season green seedless variety. The bunches have relatively large round to oval berries with a thin skin. This variety produces good yields, requires relatively little labour and has an excellent storage capacity.

Sweet Globe

Sugrathirtyfive (AUTUMN CRISP®)

Sugrathirtyfive is a late season seedless green grape variety. It has large, round berries with an attractive milky pale green-yellow skin. The flesh is very firm with a high level of dense crispness. Thius variety has a good shelf life.


Sugraone is a mid-season white seedless variety with a light muscat flavour when mature. It has large oval shaped, crisp and firm berries and berry sizes are 20-22mm. This variety produces moderate yields and has a good storage capacity.

Thompson Seedless

Thompson Seedless is a traditional variety but is still regarded as the best white seedless variety commercially available. It has a thin skin, crisp outstanding quality and a good sugar: acid ratio. It has elongated berries 17-20mm in size.



Sundance is a variety bred in South Africa and is the latest white seedless grape available in South Africa. It is usually harvested from week 6-8 and has medium sized berries. The berries are firm and crunchy and have a good eating quality.

Grapeas (Early Sweet®)

Early Sweet® is a white seedless variety and is the first grape variety of the season to ripen. It is highly productive with a muscat flavour and a good shelf life. The berries are round to oval in shape with a good size of 18 – 22mm.


This early white seedless variety a South African variety and is as early to mid-season white seedless variety which generally ripens a few days before Thompson’s seedless. Regal has with oval berries which are naturally very large and have a light green in colour. The bunch formation is loose, and the variety has a good shelf life.



Crimson Seedless

Crimson Seedless is a mid to late season red seedless variety with medium sized, elongated berries. Crimson has crisp and very firm textured berries which have a sweet neutral juicy flavour. The elongated berries (16mm – 18mm) are light pink/red in colour. Particularly impressive is the variety’s exceptional shelf-life.

IFG 68-175 (Sweet Celebration®)

Sweet Celebration® is a brilliant red mid-season seedless variety with oval-shaped berries. Berries have a naturally large size 25mm with medium sized bunches. The variety is easy to grow, highly productive and colours well with a great flavour.


Flame Seedless

Flame Seedless is the earliest red variety to ripen. It is an attractive variety with medium-large round berries. This is a variety is crisp and juicy with and attractive red colour and the berries are between 18mm – 22mm in size.


SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® is a late season red seedless variety with a striking red colour and ripens later than Crimson Seedless. The berries are oval and elongated with excellent firmness and are 18 – 20mm in size. The flavour is sweet and juicy, and this variety has an excellent storage ability.


Starlight is an early season, red seedless variety with excellent red/pink colour. Berries are round, medium sized (18 – 20mm) sweet and crunchy.

Tawny Seedless

Tawny Seedless is an early season red seedless variety with large, rounded berries. The berries are firm fruit and have a good flavour. Tawny is characterized by its strong plant growth vigour, high fertility, high resistance to rain and exceptional post-harvest shelf life.

Sheegene 13 (Timco®)

Timco® is a mid to late seedless red seedless variety and ripens just before Crimson. This variety produces a good yield of big, uniform berries (20-22mm) with a great flavour. It is more productive than Crimson and has an excellent storage performance.


Joybells is an early red seedless variety with a deep crimson colour and distinctive bell-shaped berries. The firm flesh has a mild, sweet flavour. This is a high yielding grape that colours well naturally. The berry size is 19 – 22mm.



IFG Seventeen (Sweet Joy®)

Sweet Joy® is a striking mid-season black seedless variety.  This variety has fully black elongated oval berries. The vines are very fertile, and the variety has a good shelf life.

IFG Six (Sweet Sapphire®)

Sweet Sapphire® is a mid-season black seedless characterised by its highly unusual shape. It has elongated tubular berries with dimpled end. The berries are crisp and 20 mm wide and up to 35 mm long. This fully black variety has a good fully black colour and a good, juicy flavour. It has a good shelf life.

Blagratwo (Melody®)

This is a superb black seedless variety which ripens just before Autumn Royal. Its full black colour is achieved naturally. Melody is highly productive and has large berries (22mm) with a good flavour. This variety has an excellent storage capacity.


Autumn Royal

Autumn Royal is a midseason black seedless cultivar. The firm and generally seedless Autumn Royal berries are oval- shaped and about an inch long. Their black or purple-black skin has a whitish cast or bloom. Inside, the flesh is an attractive, translucent yellow-green. The berries are crunchy and tasty.

Sugrathirteen (MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®)

MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® is an early season black seedless variety. It has large elongated black berry with excellent firmness. This variety has a sweet, juicy neutral flavour and low acidity. It has a good storage capacity.

Sugrasixteen (SABLE SEEDLESS®)

Sable seedless is a mid-season black seedless variety. The berries have a deep black colour and are oval berries with a firm, crunchy texture. Sable is distinct due to its unique exotic taste. This is described as an intense rich sweetness with distinct muscat overtones and tropical aroma.


Red Globe

Red Globe is a mid-season red seeded variety with an attractive light pink colour. It produces good yields and requires minimal labour inputs for production. Red Globe has very large round berries with sizes 24 – 28mm.


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