H2568 – Goede Hoop

2022-05-10T14:10:35+02:00March 1st, 2018|Goede Hoop|

Farm information H2568 PIC Audits 027.714 Cert Letter Goedehoop Trust 027.714 Option 1 SPRING Letter of Conformance 2022 Goedehoop Trust 027.714 GG CertificationIssueReport GOEDEHOOP TRUST 027.714 TN CertificationIssueReport Ethical & Haccp GOEDEHOOP TRUST - Audit Completion Letter 2020-12-15 Residue Samples 122932_1_H2568 STL full analysis 123785_1_H2568 TAW full analysis 125951_1_H2568 IFG3 full analysis 127249_1_H2568 CSS full [...]

H0116 – Werda

2022-05-09T15:59:40+02:00November 7th, 2017|Farms, Technical Information, Werda, Worcester Region|

Farm information Werda.Pic Audits Werda Boerdery 027.3924 GG CertificationIssueReport Werda Boerdery 027.3924 TN CertificationIssueReport Ethical & Haccp Werda Siza Sertifikaat 2020 Residue 128103_1_H0116 IFG10 full analysis 2009234102A H0116 H1052 IFG3 IFG6 full analysis 2009235105 H0152 IFG10 full analysis 2009236014 H0116 CSS Ethephon only 2009236014 H0116 CSS full analysis 2009237494 H0116 CSS full analysis Spray records [...]

H2767 – Moddergat/Ouplaas

2022-05-10T14:26:24+02:00October 21st, 2016|Farms, Moddergat/Ouplaas, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Ouplaas.Pic Audits: GGAP & TNC Wilcon CertificationIssueReport (1) Wilcon Trust 027.3382 GG CertificationIssueReport Wilcon Trust 027.3383 TN CertificationIssueReport Ethical Wilcon-Trust-audit-report-confirmation-2019-11-12 (2) Other audits   Residue Samples 126503_1_H2767 CSS full analysis 128283_1_H2767 CSS full analysis 131352_1_H2767 CSS full analysis 2642234694 H2767 IFG17 full analysis 2642234825 H2767 CSS full analysis 2642235514 H2767 CSS full analysis Spray [...]

H0152 – Bellevue

2022-05-12T08:24:22+02:00September 23rd, 2014|Bellevue, Farms, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Information H0152 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC GG 2020 C0547639 Validity extension Global Gap sertifikaat 2021 TN 2020 C0547639 Validity extension Werda Bellevue Globalgap report 2021 Ethical Bellevue Boerdery - Audit Completion Letter 2020-02-24 Residue Samples 125634_1_H0152 JBS full analysis 128091_1_H0152 IFG3 full analysis 132053_1_H0152 CSS full analysis 2009233405 H0152 JBS Ethephon only 2009234101 [...]

H0522 – Weltevrede

2022-05-10T11:30:40+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Technical Information, Weltevrede, Worcester Region|

Farm Information H0522 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC Boland Grondverskuiwing 027.800 GG CertificationIssueReport Boland Grondverskuiwing 027.800 TN CertificationIssueReport   Ethical BOLAND GRONDVERSKUIWING BK - Audit Completion Letter 2022-02-15 Other audits   Residue Samples 125640_1_H0522 IFG3 full analysis 128088_1_H0522 IFG3 full analysis 130240_1_H0522 IFG17 full analysis 0894234074 H0522 IFG3 full analysis 0894235100 H0522 RGT full analysis [...]

H0514 – Normandie

2022-05-10T11:27:55+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Normandie, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Information H0514 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC 027.228 Cert Letter Johan Du Toit 027.228 GG CertificationIssueReport Audits: SCS & Field to Fork F2F Normandie Normandie-security cap-0118 Normandie-security report-0118 Ethical JOHAN-DU-TOIT-caps-report-2019-12-19 (1) SIZA CERTIFICATE NORMANDIE 2019 Other audits   Residue Samples 125168_1_H0514 IFG3 full analysis 127301_1_H0514 IFG3 full analysis 130320_1_H0514 CSS full analysis 0595233668 H0514 [...]

H0496 – Lombardy

2022-05-10T11:18:41+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Lombardy, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Information H0496 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC Lombardy 027.617 GG 2022 CertificationIssueReport Lombardy 027.617 TN 2022 Cert Letter Lombardy 027.617 TN 2022 CertificationIssueReport Lombardy Boerdery GG 2021 Certificate ext. CMi 027.617 Lombardy Boerdery TN 2021 Certificate ext. CMi 027.617 Audits: SCS & Field to Fork F2F Lombardy Lombardy-Security CAP-0118 Lombardy-Security Report-0118 Lombardy-Supplier Letter - [...]

H0140 – De Nonna

2022-05-09T16:59:08+02:00May 20th, 2014|De Nonna, Farms, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Information H0140 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC 027.3084 JS Jordaan SPRING Letter of Conformance 2022 JS Jordaan 027.3084 FSMA Option 1 v1.2 Certificate 2022 JS Jordaan 027.3084 GG CertificationIssueReport JS Jordaan 027.3084 TN CertificationIssueReport   Audits: Field to Fork F2F De Nonna Ethical JS Jordaan Boerdery Pty Ltd - Audit Report 2022-03-28 JS Jordaan [...]

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