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Exsa’s Risk Co-ordination Services – “Walking our Talk”

Exsa has a dedicated Risk Co-ordinator and this position is filled by Cobus Gouws. Armed with many years of experience, a sharp eye for detail and infinite patience Cobus has established a very comprehensive risk co-ordination platform vital for Exsa’s future successes.

Exsa has implemented customized Quality Management Systems (QMS) for every packhouse in the group. These were compiled by Exsa’s Risk Manager Cobus Gouws and built on HACCP principles and SA Health Act 55 of 1772 Regulation R962 standards to ensure that all our producers comply with Good Agriculture Practices (GAP). EXSA has some of the most advanced agriculture practices, including up-to-date production and handling practices. Together with the “Food Chain Partnership” we have strict control and use of agrochemicals. Samples are regularly sent for testing at an accredited laboratory.

MRL (maximum residue levels) are tested in order to ensure that they comply with market requirements. Modern packing methods like the Vizier packing machine and good cold chain management are used. Worker hygiene and sanitation is constantly monitored in order to ensure the safety of our product. Accreditations like GlobalGAP Version.4 and Sedex are compulsory for all our producers.


EXSA uses a Logistical System known as DiPAR, which has been written and maintained solely for the use by the Fruit Export Industry. Each carton has a unique label, known as the ‘carton label’, which identifies the exact origin of the fruit. This label indicates who the Producer is, by identifying his PUC code, it also indicates at which Pack House (PHC) this specific carton was packed, as well as the Date Packed and from which Vineyard the fruit was picked. Similarly each pallet has a unique label, known as the ‘Pallet Label’, which is used to maintain traceability of each pallet that EXSA ships, which is essential for payment purposes, as well as other Management Accounting Practices.



An internationally used management system for Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

The aim is to provide safe food products to European consumers. These include requirements that enable growers to farm according to the GAP principles. This system or agricultural practice can be used for several agricultural products and makes it possible to certify those products.


SEDEX enables member companies to manage efficiently the ethical and responsible practices of their global supply chains, generating transparency through the provision of a secure, robust and user-friendly data exchange. SEDEX focuses on four pillars: Labour Standards, Health, Supply Chain Security & Safety, Environment and Business Integrity.

As a growing membership organisation, SEDEX is a flexible platform, open to expansion in the line with market development and evolving member needs.


Field to Fork is the leading standard for fresh produce. It communicates and checks compliance to Marks & Spencer standards.
Field to Fork covers areas such as:

  • Food Safety,
  • Pesticides,
  • Environment,
  • Labour Standards,
  • Packing Standards and
  • Organic Standards.


Tesco Nurture N10 is a standard, which all of our Tesco fresh produce growers around the world must achieve in order to supply us with fresh fruit, vegetables or salads.The standard was developed to ensure that our top quality fresh produce comes from growers who use good agricultural practices, operate in an environmentally responsible way and with proper regard for the health and well being of their staff.Growers have to demonstrate that they operate in the manner which meets these requirements, laid down by Tesco in the Nurture Code of Practice.


Bayer CropScience is one of the leading innovative crop science companies and is fully committed to sustainable development in agriculture. Therefore we see our responsibility in supporting the players of the international food value chain to overcome these challenges and even exceed the expectations of their customers. Our partners can rely on a strong Research & Development pipeline, an excellent portfolio of innovative crop protection products and vegetable seeds which we combine with different services to customer focused and pragmatic yet professional solutions.