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H0267 – De la Haye/ Horlosie Kloof

2022-05-09T16:30:07+02:00February 3rd, 2015|De la Haye/ Horlosie Kloof, Farms, Hex River Region, PUC, Technical Information|

Farm Information H0267 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC Horlosiekloof 027.3375 Option 1 SPRING Letter of conformance 2022 Horlosiekloof 027.3375 GG CertificationIssueReport Horlosiekloof 027.3375 TN CertificationIssueReport Horlosiekloof GG 2021 Certificate ext. CMi 027.3375 Horlosiekloof TN 2021 Certificate ext. CMi 027.3375 Audits: Field to Fork EXSA_Horlosiekloof_(H0267)_F2F_06.01.19 Ethical HORLOSIEKLOOF-audit-report-confirmation-2020-01-08 Other audits   Residue Samples 122954_1_H0267 SGO full analysis [...]

H0152 – Bellevue

2022-05-12T08:24:22+02:00September 23rd, 2014|Bellevue, Farms, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Information H0152 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC GG 2020 C0547639 Validity extension Global Gap sertifikaat 2021 TN 2020 C0547639 Validity extension Werda Bellevue Globalgap report 2021 Ethical Bellevue Boerdery - Audit Completion Letter 2020-02-24 Residue Samples 125634_1_H0152 JBS full analysis 128091_1_H0152 IFG3 full analysis 132053_1_H0152 CSS full analysis 2009233405 H0152 JBS Ethephon only 2009234101 [...]

MPACT- Cartons

2016-12-02T10:42:19+02:00September 5th, 2014|Packing Material, Technical Information|

mpact-corrugated-cape-town-fssc-12-march-2019 mpact-corrugated-pe-8-augustus-2016 Mpact Operations BEE Certificate Level 3_April 2015 MPact ISO 9001 Certificate Latest Mpact Corrugated Food Safe July 2014 Mpact Corrugated Epping ISO 14001-2004 Certificate, 08 August 2016 Latest Letter -Mpact Suppliers Declaration Alchemy ISO 14001 - 2004 Certificate - 2 HACCP Letter - Mpact EAGLE DECLARATION 10-07-2014  

Kaap Agri

2016-12-02T10:40:56+02:00September 5th, 2014|Packing Material, Technical Information|

  astra-packaging-brc-11-march-2017 ilip-srl-brc-25-february-2017 infia-s-r-l-8-october-2018 mpact-plastic-containers-sabs-15-sept-2018 mpact-versapak-brc-9-october-2017 nevis-brc-2016 pactive-brc-6-august-2017 patagonflex-loc redfern-loc rifcorbrc2016 safepak-iso-15-september-2018 superiorpackagingbrc2016 zibo-containers-brc-11-july-2017    Web site: http://www.kaapagri.co.za/company-profile/pakmark/

A0232 – Langgewacht

2022-02-22T10:06:43+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Langgewacht, Orange River Region, Technical Information|

Farm Information A0232 PIC Audits 027.137 Cert Letter GG 2020 Certificate ext. 027-137-000-5-15 Immanuel Boerdery 027.137 GG eCertificate Immanuel Boerdery 027.137 TN CertificationIssueReport Immanuel Boerdery eCertificate Immanuel Boerdery GG 2020 Certificate ext. 027-137-000-5-15 Immanuel Boerdery TNVF 2020 Certificate. 027-137-000-5-15 TNVF 2020 Certificate. 027-137-000-5-15 Haccp & Ethical SIZA LANGGEWACHT CERTIFICATE - Audit Completion Letter 2021-12-06 Residue [...]

P0242 – Verste Stuiwer

2022-01-26T11:46:06+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Technical Information, Verste Stuiwer, Vioolsdrif|

Farm Information P0242-pic Audits: GGAP & TNC 027.2904 Cert Letter De Vlei 027.2904 GG CertificationIssueReport De Vlei Verpakking 027.2904-Option 1 SPRING Letter of Conformance V1.1-1 2022 Final Audits: SCS  & Field to Fork Supplier Letter- PASS Audit Verste Stuiwer - 1119 Verste Stuiwer - Walmart Security Report - 1119 Ethical DE VLEI VERPAKKING PTY LTD [...]

NL0041 – Vaalwater

2022-04-07T15:28:40+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Technical Information, Trawal Region, Vaalwater|

Farm Information NL0041 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC 027.2173 Cert Letter De Vlei Boerdery 027.2173 GG CertificationIssueReport De Vlei Boerdery 027.2173 TNCertificationIssueReport   Audits: SCS & Field to Fork F2F Vaalwater De Vlei- Vaalwater_Security Report_1217 De Vlei- Vaalwater_Supplier Letter_1217 Ethical De Vlei Boerdery EDMS Bpk - Audit Completion Letter 2021-02-22 Other audists STEP 6-10 - [...]

NL1209 – Oudrif

2022-02-22T09:22:19+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Oudrif, Technical Information, Trawal Region|

Farm Information NL1209 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC JD le Roux Boerdery 027.755 GG CertificationIssueReport JD le Roux Boerdery 027.755 TN11 2021 027.755 Audits:  SCS & Field to Fork F2F Oudrif Oudrif-1217 Security CAP Oudrif-1217 Security report Ethical JD-le-Roux-Boerdery-audit-report-confirmation-2019-12-17 EVT-ZA-LBL-157847_Audit Report_Jd Le Roux Boerdery_March 8-9, 2021 Other audits STEP 6-10 - HACCP PLAN WITH CORRECTIVE [...]

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