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H0267 – De la Haye/ Horlosie Kloof

2020-04-16T13:37:05+02:00February 3rd, 2015|De la Haye/ Horlosie Kloof, Farms, Hex River Region, PUC, Technical Information|

Farm Information H0267 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC AU_20200219_2544646_C0430079_20200306160610 CertificationIssueReport NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter 027.3375 TN11 2020 027.3375   Audits: Field to Fork EXSA_Horlosiekloof_(H0267)_F2F_06.01.19 Ethical HORLOSIEKLOOF-audit-report-confirmation-2020-01-08 Other audits   Residue Samples 2390184772 H0267 SGO full analysis 2390186014 H0267 MNS full analysis 2390186508 H0267 IFG10 full analysis 2390186509 H0267 IFG6 IFG17 full analysis 2390187479 H0267 [...]

H0152 – Bellevue

2020-09-09T10:55:19+02:00September 23rd, 2014|Bellevue, Farms, Technical Information, Worcester Region|

Farm Information H0152 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC Global Gap serifikaat 2020 Ethical Bellevue Boerdery - Audit Completion Letter 2020-02-24 Residue Samples 0999185789 H0152 IFG3 full analysis 2009185103 H0152 JBS full analysis 0999187180 H0152 IFG10 RGT full analysis 0999188079 H0152 RGT full analysis 0999189345 H0152 IFG17 ALI RGB full analysis 0999189989 H0152 CSS full analysis [...]

MPACT- Cartons

2016-12-02T10:42:19+02:00September 5th, 2014|Packing Material, Technical Information|

mpact-corrugated-cape-town-fssc-12-march-2019 mpact-corrugated-pe-8-augustus-2016 Mpact Operations BEE Certificate Level 3_April 2015 MPact ISO 9001 Certificate Latest Mpact Corrugated Food Safe July 2014 Mpact Corrugated Epping ISO 14001-2004 Certificate, 08 August 2016 Latest Letter -Mpact Suppliers Declaration Alchemy ISO 14001 - 2004 Certificate - 2 HACCP Letter - Mpact EAGLE DECLARATION 10-07-2014  

Kaap Agri

2016-12-02T10:40:56+02:00September 5th, 2014|Packing Material, Technical Information|

  astra-packaging-brc-11-march-2017 ilip-srl-brc-25-february-2017 infia-s-r-l-8-october-2018 mpact-plastic-containers-sabs-15-sept-2018 mpact-versapak-brc-9-october-2017 nevis-brc-2016 pactive-brc-6-august-2017 patagonflex-loc redfern-loc rifcorbrc2016 safepak-iso-15-september-2018 superiorpackagingbrc2016 zibo-containers-brc-11-july-2017    Web site: http://www.kaapagri.co.za/company-profile/pakmark/

A0232 – Langgewacht

2020-04-16T13:30:26+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Langgewacht, Orange River Region, Technical Information|

Farm Information A0232 PIC Audits GG & TN. NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter Issue 4 07-02-2020 (9) Immanuel Boerdery AU_20200224_2521667_C0431465_20200312120552 Immanuel Boerdery CertificationIssueReport Immanuel Boerdery TN11 2020 027.137 Haccp & Ethical Langewacht -BOERDERY-PTY-LTD-caps-report-2019-01-11 (1) Langewacht -BOERDERY-PTY-LTD-caps-report-2019-01-11 (2) Langgewacht Report 1218 Langgewacht Supplier Letter 1218 Residue Samples 2019-12-12-093 A0232 EDL full analysis 73562_1_A0232 PSE full analysis [...]

P0242 – Verste Stuiwer

2020-01-27T13:22:45+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Technical Information, Verste Stuiwer, Vioolsdrif|

Farm Information P0242-pic Audits: GGAP & TNC De Vlei Verpakking (Edms) Bpk AR_2149917_2019010892537374 De Vlei Verpakking (Edms) Bpk CertificationIssueReport De Vlei Verpakking (Edms) Bpk GRASP Proof of Assessment 2018 027.2904 De Vlei Verpakking updated certificate PUC 08.02.2019 GRASP Proof of Assessment 2018 027.2904 Amended NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Issue Letter Audits: SCS  & Field to [...]

NL0041 – Vaalwater

2020-05-25T15:32:38+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Technical Information, Trawal Region, Vaalwater|

Farm Information NL0041 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC AU_20200320_2544632_C0432136_20200507160256 CertificationIssueReport - 2020-05-18T114608.833 NSF Produce SL11 Certificate Letter Issue 4 07-02-2020 (9)   Audits: SCS & Field to Fork F2F Vaalwater De Vlei- Vaalwater_Security Report_1217 De Vlei- Vaalwater_Supplier Letter_1217 Ethical A4827950_SMETA 4 PILLAR_DE VLEI TRAWAL_12-14 FEBRUARY 2020_CAPR Other audists STEP 6-10 - HACCP PLAN WITH CORRECTIVE [...]

NL1209 – Oudrif

2020-09-09T10:57:57+02:00May 20th, 2014|Farms, Oudrif, Technical Information, Trawal Region|

Farm Information NL1209 PIC Audits: GGAP & TNC JD Le Roux Boerdery CertificationIssueReport JD Le Roux Boerdery TN11 2020 027.755   Audits:  SCS & Field to Fork F2F Oudrif Oudrif-1217 Security CAP Oudrif-1217 Security report Ethical JD-le-Roux-Boerdery-audit-report-confirmation-2019-12-17 Other audits STEP 6-10 - HACCP PLAN WITH CORRECTIVE ACTIONS -haccp plan NL6036 NL6035-6424 Residue Samples 1280183080 N1209 [...]

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