For Skills Development, the range of training opportunities that we offer is for the benefit of everyone within the group, from staff to director level.

The fields of training the group offers cover the full spectrum of training needs including technical skills training and life skills training. The development of our people is a long-term goal and requires commitment from all parties involved. We want to ensure that there is always a good balance between education and training and the opportunities that members can access by using the knowledge gained through such training.

Capacity Building and Empowerment

In the Hex River Valley, the Prestige Farmworker of the Year competition is hosted annually by the Hex River Table Grape Association. For the many hard working and dedicated people that work on farms in the area, this is the highlight of the year, and it is an opportunity for recognition of commitment to excellence and personal empowerment for winners and entrants in the competition’s various categories. Year after year, the recipients of many of the awards in the various categories in this competition go to agricultural workers employed by our Exsa Growers.