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Skills Development and General Training

The range of training opportunities that we offer is for the benefit of everyone within the group, from staff to director level. The fields of training the group offers cover the full spectrum of training needs including technical skills training and life skills training. The development of our people is a long-term goal and requires commitment from all parties involved. We want to ensure that there is always a good balance between education and training and the opportunities that members can access by using the knowledge gained through such training.

Achievements in the Annual Farm Worker of the Year competition and vineyard block competitions illustrate the results of ongoing skills development

Exsa recognises the huge contribution of farm workers on the Exsa farms to the company’s successes and ongoing skills development is a priority. The achievements of workers from Exsa farms over the past few years in the annual local Hex River Valley Farm Worker of the Year competition have been remarkable. In 2013 farm workers from Exsa Farms win 9 out of 11 categories and in both 2014 and 2015 farm workers from Exsa farms were won first, second or third place is most of the categories. This is a clear illustration of the high standard of training and performance amongst farmworkers on Exsa farms. Many individual workers have empowered themselves by taking the opportunities to advance themselves to responsible senior positions on the farms. This personal empowerment is a remarkably positive force and example for others to follow.

Exsa growers have also achieved well over the years in the annual vineyard block competition and these vineyard blocks are prepared meticulously for inspection and harvest by the skilled farm workers on these farms.  The competition is judged by an independent panel and during 2015 the top honours for the best young vineyard and best established vineyard both went to Exsa growers.