EXSA is a dynamic table grape grower company. We are in control of all aspects, from growing to delivering to the final customer. We pride ourselves in the quality of fruit we grow and in the way we do it.

By being the leaders in sustainable practices and investing in new varieties and packing innovation we make sure that EXSA and its next generation of growers will keep on producing the best quality fruit. With our small staff structure and constant synergy between growing and marketing we follow a market driven growing approach and flexibility to the demand of our customers.

Our main strengths include:

Grower exporter
Exsa is in control of the entire marketing chain from production and packing to delivering to our customers/consumers worldwide. We add value!

Range of varieties
EXSA is committed to evaluating new cultivars in order to offer a wider and more up-to-date range of products in order to meet our customers’ needs. We are partners in breeding programs including International Fruit Genetics (IFG). Our objective is to launch new products as quick as is possible.

Social responsibility
EXSA believes wholeheartedly in giving back and supporting the local community.

We have established our own communal pack-house. We can pack a range of products including mixed cultivar punnets from different production units in order to supply the best combination of cultivars from early to late in our season. Any punnet type and mass can be packed, depending on the customer requirements.

We are committed to produce grapes in a responsible way and in synergy with our environment. Decreasing our water and fertilizer use, with better soil management and decreasing our spraying applications.

Our Origins

Exsa first started in 1997 at the time of the deregulation of the South African fruit industry when a number of table grape growers pooled their fruit and resources to export their own grapes. Since then Exsa has remained a table grape grower grouping. The company survived through the early, very turbulent post-deregulation years when many other similar entities failed.

In 2006 Exsa privatised the company, thus dispensing with “middle men” in the supply chain. The directors (who are also growers) took full responsibility for the company’s marketing, logistical and other functions as well as for personnel management. Due to the considerable inputs of the directors and the small but highly committed personnel, as well as the loyalty of the growers, Exsa has grown from strength to strength.