Kosie Laubscher passed away on 10 August after a short illness. This courageous business leader, opinion shaper, community developer and devoted family man had a considerable presence in the Hex River Valley community and the broader table grape industry. He will be sorely missed.

Kosie was incredibly proud of Exsa and lived and breathed Exsa. Much of what Exsa is today was established as a result of his efforts, along with those of personal friends and fellow Exsa directors Leon Viljoen and Poen Jordaan, in establishing working business relationships with receivers and industry stakeholders. His enthusiasm for the success of the company and the growers supplying Exsa was part of his life’s mission.

After suffering from severe kidney failure for some time, in 2004 Kosie was the recipient of a donated kidney (from his sister Louise) which gave him a new lease on life. Through his annual Exsa Organ Donor Fiends Golf Day fundraising event, he created invaluable awareness for the need for organ donation within the South African Fresh Produce sector and the Western Cape Community.

Kosie was a caring husband and a caring and involved father and mentor to his children and grand children. He is survived by his wife Zaretha, daughter Jacomé Naudé, son Willem Laubscher and 8 grandchildren. EXSA management and producers extend their deepest condolences to the Laubscher family during this difficult time.